IT Services for Business Users


If reliability and productivity is important to your business then a small investment in the following services is a prudent move.


Sales and Services

Hastings IT Services provides sales and services on computer equipment and software, cloud services, phone systems, surveillance systems, print solutions, data cabling and much more.


Projects and Deployments

We will listen to your requirements, assess your needs, recommend products and deploy a solution tailored to your needs.


Network Administration

Upon request, we’ll make configuration changes to your network infrastructure and server software to meet the day to day operational requirements of your business.


Monitoring and Maintenance

For a fixed price per month, we provide proactive monitoring of network infrastructure for faults and ensure all essential updates are performed to keep your systems operating at their best.


Backup and Recovery

A sound backup and recovery plan will have you up and running in case of a disaster affecting your data.


Virus and Malware Protection

We supply solutions to protect you valuable data and software from infections.


Power Protection

We provide solutions to protect your expensive hardware from power related issues and service your power protection products.


Workshop Hardware Service

For a fixed price, we provide workshop hardware servicing of computers to identify physical points of failure and rectify or recommend solutions to resolve your issues.


Workshop Software Service

For a fixed price, we provide workshop software servicing of computers to identify and resolve software related issues including virus infections, data corruption and much more.



We can troubleshoot problems remotely or onsite depending on the nature of the issue.


The bottom line is that you can focus on your customers by removing the worry of computers.


If you need help with any of the above services call 02 6580 9988 or email